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Anna Marti



REGION: Pénedès, Catalunya 

GRAPE: Xarel.lo

AGE OF VINES: 80 year old vines 

SOIL: Gray schist and gravel, with calcareous subsoil 

VINIFICATION: Direct pressed, partly fermented in amphora

ÉLEVAGE: Old barrels

The parcel of old vines of Xarel.lo, planted by Anna's grandfather in the 1940's, lies at the heart of the project. With sweeping views of Monserrat and Barcelona, it is truly  majestic. Its grandiose goblet vines are anchored in grey schist and gravel soils, while the lower calcareous strata have a concentration of iron and appear rusty-red. 

No matter the vintage, Anna looks to express the electric side of Xarel.lo, picking early enough to maintain a distinct linear tension, and late enough to convey the complexity of the fruit and terroir. The energy and precision of this cuvée remind us of Xarel.lo's versatility, prowess and capacity to age. 

It is pure, earthy, with notes of perfectly ripened apples, a saline minerality and great tension. A gem!

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