"LA RUMBERA, 2017"

REGION: Alella D.O.

GRAPE: Pansa Blanca

AGE OF VINES: 50-80 years

SOIL: granite

VINIFICATION: partial direct press, partial 24-hour maceration 

ÉLEVAGE: fiberglass & stainless steel

Old vines of Pansa Blanca (50-80 years old) from several parcels in Alella, which catch salty ocean breezes and are on granite soils. There are two harvests, one harvest on the earlier side to bring freshness and acidity to the wine (direct press) and a second harvest a few weeks later that brings more fruit maturity and texture (24 hours of skin contact). The majority of the wine is aged in fiberglass, and a small part is aged in stainless steel.

Importations Vin i Vida
Montréal, Québec Canada