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Laurence Manya Krief



REGION: Les Albères, Roussillon

GRAPE: Carignan noir and Grenache noir

AGE OF VINES: 80 + years

SOIL: Granitic sand

VINIFICATION: 2 weeks carbonic macération 

ÉLEVAGE: 7 months in old barrels

Located minutes away from La Vierge Rouge, in the foothills of the Albères mountains, La Negra is a beautiful parcel of old vines of Carignan and Grenache Noir. In the spring, the first signs of life in the vineyard are accompanied by the mimosas flowering between the vines and the mountains. The name of this cuvée is a tribute to the song La Negra by Mercedes Sosa.

La Negra is synonymous with pleasure and audacity, lifted with floral notes, bold fruits and a little rusticity.

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