Baix Llobregat,


Anna Marti is a force to be reckoned with. Petite and sweet as can be, she has paved her own path amongst a sea of corporate narrative, big business, and industrial wine production. Daughter of Francisco Marti, the owner of Vila Viniteca, the largest wine distribution company in Spain, and of Ca N’Estruc, a family domain of 26 hectares outside of Barcelona, Anna was raised in an aristocratic environment, the polar opposite of her free-thinking, liberal self. Against all odds, she literally carved a space for herself on the edge of her father’s cellar and took over several parcels of the most beautiful vines of the estate in order to convert to biodynamic agriculture. The old vineyards are situated on the flanks of Monserrat, just west of Barcelona. Her corner of the state of the art cellar is filled with amphora and dame jeanne, a few small inbox tanks, and hand-picked barrels. 


While her father now respects her work, it hasn’t always been the case. He scoffs at her as she harvests early to preserve freshness and insists on keeping the precious cover crop in the vineyards. The few thousand bottles of wine that she makes each year are pennies compared to the hundred thousand plus bottles that are made at Ca N’Estruc. But Anna continues on, practically un-phased, and steps up to the challenge. Her vision is to bring back the electric energy and purity of the indigenous grapes of the region, just as her grandfather, the original founder of Ca N’Estruc, did. The labels are an homage to her grandfather’s original labels and her slow, careful, and calculated work in the vineyard and in the cellar is evident in the quality of these highly energetic wines.




Anna Martí