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La Perdida is a project of passion and devotion from the Galician native, Nacho Gonzalez. Formerly a biologist, Nacho received the gift of a parcel of old vines of Garnacha Tintorera when his grandmother passed away. The vines were over 80 years old, and the idea of recuperating the soils and extracting an expression of terroir in the glass fascinated him. He began to search for other abandoned vineyards and began to bring them back to life through biodynamic agriculture. Also enchanted by the use of amphora for fermentation and aging, Nacho embarked on a journey that re-connected him with the land of his ancestors, as well as with his own self.

Nacho has recuperated 13 parcels of vines in and around the village of Larouco, tucked between mountains and rivers in the interior of Galicia, north of the Portugese border. He works with indigenous varieties such as Mencia, Garnacha Tintorera, Palomino, Dona Branca, and Godello that have been abandoned in exchange for more productive cépages. Most of the vines are situated on granitic soils, with a bit of schist, and at varying altitudes and expositions. Each parcel has a unique energy, that via his meticulous work in the vines, is captured in the bottle.


The cellar is a two-story garage in the center of town filled with amphoras and a few older barrels. Most of the fermentations are done in amphora, with short macerations. Aging is in a combination of barrique and amphora, and bottling takes place in spring.


An incredibly personal and focused project, these expressions of old vines from local varieties are pure, full of electric energy. The balance between their freshness, Atlantic fruit, and complexity makes them some of the most sought after wines in Spain. The tiny production and artisanal approach to every element of the process, as well as the honest non-interventional work in the vines and in the cellar, add to the allure and the magic behind these bottles. A true example of an adventure in Life’s Work, Nacho’s hard work and dedication to this project is almost singular.



Nacho Gonzalez