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Llinars del Vallès,



Calm, centered, and always positive, Oriol is a ray of Catalan sunshine, located in Alella, just north of Barcelona. 


During the very last semester of his chemistry degree in university, upon finishing a stage in a lab in the Penedes, Oriol Artigas saw his future before his eyes and decided to quickly change paths. Weary of a “standard job” and a monotonous way of life, Oriol sought to avoid the 9-5 schedule and decided instead to dedicate his time and energy to the vines.


Convinced that his home region of Alella and its local grape, Pansa Blanca (a close relative to xarel.lo)  had plenty to offer, he began by planting a parcel of new vines by his family’s home in Vilassar de Dalt. He then searched for parcels of old vines to recuperate, looking for different expositions and micro-climates that would contribute to varied expressions of Pansa Blanca. He sought to use organic and biodynamic farming to bring the old vines back to life and to create non-interventionist wines that would express this dramatic corner of the world. Just 20 minutes north of Barcelona, Alella is wedged between steep mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The predominantly granitic soils and salty sea breezes give way to crisp white wines packed with sea salt, garrigue, and just ripe Mediterranean fruits.


A teacher at the local university, Oriol shares his time between the classroom and the vines. In 2011 he produced his first official vintage, and in 2015, La Rumbera came to the world. Oriol produces some of the most energetic and soulful wines from the coast that transport you directly to the wild paradise of Alella.




Oriol Artgias


Al Fons
El Rumbero
La Bella
La Bestia
La Rauxa
La Rumbera
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