Corbera d'Ebre,

Terra Alta,


Francesc Frisach is a young winemaker who, alongside his brother Joan, works the family vines in the small town of Corbera d’Ebre, in the southern region of Catalunya close to the Valencian border. The Terra Alta is known as the “wild west” of Catalunya, and is situated two hours south of Barcelona and just 30 minutes inland. It is part of the Ebre River Region and the history of Corbera d’Ebre has been strongly marked by the Spanish Civil War. Francesc and his family are tightly connected to the town, its history, and it's vines. The vast, wild nature of the Terra Alta matches Francesc's free-spirit and determined work ethic. He is incredibly proud and committed to the region and there are no limits to his vision for the future. 


Grenache Blanc is the principal grape of the region and it is planted in the highlands in a zone where the natural geographical amphitheater creates a mixing of northern cool winds and warm salty winds from the ocean. Warm days with lots of sunshine allows the Grenache to reach full ripeness, and cool dry nights allow for crisp acidity and tension. Olive and Almond trees are equally as prominent as Grenache blanc, and they are found amongst the vines in all of the vineyards.


The Frisach brother’s cellar is located in the very center of the town on two stories, in order to work with gravity. The wines are made as a homage to the ancient winemaking of the region working with short macerations and very little to no sulfur. With a key eye for the perfect balance between mature fruit and fresh acidity, they are pure and radiant expressions of Grenache, and of the Terra Alta, with an incredible sense of place.




Francesc Ferre